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Capture creative expression and learn current color concepts and formulation through Hair Color Magic™ Education. Build your understanding of fundamental hair color theory, placement and application using the Aveda hair color line. Elevate your technical skills by understanding creative placements and the art of predictable color. Learn how to customize placements for hair cuts; how to choose the correct level and tone for your Guests. Hair Color Magic™ education takes the guess work out.


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HCM Curriculum


New Formulation Concepts for Predictable Color Results


essentials 1

Capture creative expression and learn current color concepts and formulation through Hair Color Magic™. Build your understanding of fundamental hair color theory using the Aveda color line. Elevate your technical skills and the art of predictable color.

prerequisite - none

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essentials 2

Review the Hair Color Magic Methodology with a personalized Q&A, we will focus on depositing formulas, and creative ideas using the reVISIONed Aveda products. This one-day course will focus on formulation, pushing your skills and thought process following the Hair Color Magic formulation path. Keep your Personalized Formulas fresh and current with new ideas for manipulating the Aveda Hair Color Domains.

prerequisite - essentials1

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Formulation Courses


Rock your Reds

Creating the perfect RED shouldn’t be a guessing game. Turn your uncertainty into confidence by breaking down RED formulas into easy-to-manage variables. You will tackle one variable at a time, from choosing the right tone to mastering the Natural Remaining Pigment chart - until you have a fresh perspective that leads to foolproof formulas and flattering REDS. Whether you want to overcome specific challenges with REDS or simply boost your RED formulations skills, this course will equip you to create your best REDS ever.

prerequisite - essentials 1

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Bombshell Blondes

Break down blonde formulas into easy-to-manage variables. You will tackle one variable at a time – from choosing the right tone for your Guest, mastering the NRP chart to customizing each blonde formula. Overcome specific challenges with blondes and boost your formulation skills. This course will equip you to create your best blonde shades & master “Fill & Fix” formulas for long lasting low lights.

prerequisite - essentials 1

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Grasping the Grey - NECESSITY & FASHION

NECESSITY - Thanks to genetics, most women will be 50% gray by age 50. This means having the knowledge to deal with gray hair in the Salon has never been more vital. Visit the important characteristics of grey hair and explore unique formulations available to you. Does your Guest want an Opaque, Blended or Sheer result? Come learn the options of these different "Finishes" and learn how to consult with your very special Guest.

FASHION - Grey Formulas for funky fashions. Steel Grey or Festive Lilac? Take home Best Practices. Tips and Insider tricks for creation and application, plus how to assure the longevity of these fun Fashion Formulas.

prerequisite - essentials 1

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Most salons have systems in place for Color Corrections, what about color change. With trends evolving in every magazine issue, it is important we understand the difference between Color Correction vs Color Change, or maybe, the similarities! Are we charging enough?

This is the course to up your "Correction/Change game". Take home skills for strong consultations, options and a Guest Consent form along with the perfect "Blueprint" to keep you on task.

Gain confidence for having that uncomfortable “Money Talk” with your Guests. Gone are the days of free services, now is the time to earn your worth.

prerequisite - essentials 1

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True 2 Tone

Focusing on 10 different options to tone using the different Aveda categories, this course breaks a few boundaries and gives you ideas on finishing for your color work. Who wouldn’t want shiny glossy hair? 

With progressive color still on trend, the Foil–In Technique will give you a bright blond affect.  Having bold color with a soft blend is trending and this technique will give you a couple of options of how to approach your Guest’s hair.

The time saving way to get a blonde!


  • Why and when we tone
  • Options with Aveda Categories that
  • give optimum tone and when to use
  • them
  • Choosing the proper base and Pure
  • Tones
  • Formulating for different toner finishes
  • Foil-in placement key points
  • Take home piece – blueprint for toning


prerequisite - none

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Technique Courses


Hair Painting

The technical class of the Hair Painting technique using the Aveda Enlightener as a clay bleach. It is a fine line between Balayage and Hair Painting.  Experience the Hair Painting Formula and the proper way of mixing for the ultimate lift. Touch on all the fundamentals to make sure you are solid in your technique and lightly visit some ideas on Toning. With each class, you receive a brush for the smudge and blend technique. This brush is the key for the perfect blend. Add a new tool to your technique kit and make beautiful color happen!

prerequisite - essentials 1

Power Paint - more information

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Business Courses


the Business of Color

This course is the business side of when Colour Correction or Colour Change happens. A great follow-up for the Colour Correction vs Change course or can be take alone. Salon Owners, Managers, Colour Department Leads, and Colour Trainers will learn to understand the important di erences between Change or Correction and develop strong systems for colour services and pricing.

Learn the blueprint for Salons to ensure you take all variables into account before starting color work and alleviate the confusion when scheduling appointments with your guest. This course also has a strong consulting piece and activity to take back to the salon which spells out the color process for your guest. Ensure your guest understands their role with home care and follow-up appointment to support their new color.

Find answers to the uncomfortable “Money Talk” and make sure your team is charging properly for the service.

So much to share!

prerequisite - none

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